House of Arboretum
Invited competition for the design of a new residential development in South Prague

Organizer: private
Client: private
Typology: Residential development with mixed use elements and kindergarden
Size: 80.000m2
Budget: 75.000.000 €
Status: Invited competition

Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida

in collaboration with CMC architects
David Chisholm, Vít Máslo, Martina Chisholm

Atelier DUA, Terra florida

photographic visualizations by PRAGUE BASED

The basic principle of forming the ARBORETUM mass solution was the creation of a strong volume which doesn’t seem insignificant and overtaken by the large-scale neighbour office building. Contrasting this stronger urban facade the project opens towards the garden and forest through large openings. Within the greenery fingers are designed as “levitating” objects for maximum park openness and true maximization of the outdoor spaces surrounded by the nearby forest.

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