Oca Architects

Black Fields
International open competition “Black fields, NÚKIB” for the design of the Czech Republics National Cyber and Information Security Agency

Organizer: CCEA MOBA
Typology: Secuity agency / Office building
Size: 25.000m2

Budget: 12m€
Status: Open competition

Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida

photographic visualizations by OCA team

We propose a building which can provide quality work spaces within an iconic architectonic envelope which embodies the spirit of the NÚKIB agency, an institution which is one of the pillars of the Czech national security and therefore part of the Czech national identity. The project looks back at the rich history of central administrative buildings of both security organisms and technological companies. Unifying both design approaches into a unique result which avoids an standardized corporative result while providing the highest functional qualities. The focus is placed on transparent and relaxed workspaces provided with excellent daylight and close access to relaxation areas. The proposal embodies the concept of security, by elevating the building above a system of green earthworks, a cloud based approach to expressing its protected status. The resulting design is a unique composition of  objects suspended by a regular structural grid over the main agora. Looking up through its transparent roof a view of the constellation of volumes composing the building can be achieved. The project implements an expressive design strategy inspired on circuit boards, the aggregation of separate components into a single whole. The program is composed by different volumes which give each section and department a distinctive look. Traditional offi ce functions follow traditional design rules whereas singular elements have their own characteristic design language. These are aggregated together, to accomplish form compacity for energy effi ciency, around an open communications core where common areas are placed.