New Elementary School and Kindergarten in Dolní, Prague

New Elementary School and Kindergarten for Dolní Měcholupy / Nová ZŠ a MŠ pro Dolní Měcholupy

Organizer: CCEA MOBA
Typology: Educational / Public building
Size: 10.000m2

Budget: 10m€
Status: Open competition
Author: OCA architects
Team: Harris Vamvakas team lead, Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida, Miquel Perez, Robert Yousef
photographic visualizations by OCA team

The school is composed by four volumes with rooftop playgrounds. Each holds and gives identity to a relevant portion of the program. The resulting shape adapts to the topography and reacts to the urban context. The distribution of the sustainable building creates warm, favourably oriented spaces facing the attractive outdoor areas. The structure is flexible and easily adaptable to didactical trends. The layered façade filters excessive solar radiation and creates an expressive envelope.
The courtyard is at the heart of the new school. The building slopes down following its topography. The after school spaces, foyer, canteen and large gym open directly into; above, the main classrooms overlook it.