Ispilu Magikoa / Magic mirror
Competition for the design of a square light roof in Ermua, Vizcaya, Basque Country

Organizer: City council of Ermua
Client: Municipality of Ermua
Size: 300m2 
Budget: 300.000€
Typology: Public space / Square roof
Status: 2nd prize
Author: OCA architects
Team: Hernan Lleida, Bernardo García
photographic visualizations by OCA team

Plaza Cardenal Orbe, is the cultural center not only of the city of Ermua, but of the entire Vizcaya area. A historical place that reflects the character of the Basque population, which shines during the holidays. That is why it is proposed to intervene in the square with a large contemporary cover, mirrored wings that reflect the city of Ermua and the life of the citizens.The remodeling of the kiosk together with the new roof allows the creation of a new singular element that grants an original and innovative character to the space and the city.

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