Ispilu Magikoa / Magic mirror
Competition for the design of a square light roof in Ermua, Vizcaya, Basque Country

Organizer: City council of Ermua
Client: Municipality of Ermua
Size: 300m2 
Budget: 300.000€
Typology: Public space / Square roof
Status: 2nd prize

Hernan Lleida Ruiz and Bernardo Garcia Morales

photographic visualizations by OCA team

Plaza Cardenal Orbe, is the cultural center not only of the city of Ermua, but of the entire Vizcaya area. A historical place that reflects the character of the Basque population, which shines during the holidays. That is why it is proposed to intervene in the square with a large contemporary cover, mirrored wings that reflect the city of Ermua and the life of the citizens.The remodeling of the kiosk together with the new roof allows the creation of a new singular element that grants an original and innovative character to the space and the city.

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