Fuerteventura Justice Court
Competition for the design of a new courthouse in Puerto del rosario, Fuerteventura

Organizer: Ministry of justice
Client:Goverment of the Canary Islands
Typology: Public building / Courthouse
Size: 20.000m2
Budget: 25m€
Status: Competition
OCA team. Bernardo Garcia and Hernan Lleida
Collaborators. F.Drones
Photographic visualizations by Play-Time

A piece of monolithic rock extracted from the land becomes the new justice building for Puerto del Puerto del Rosario. A solid and sober construction like its intended use. The project represents with forcefulness and sobriety the values of equity and omnipresence of justice over citizenship. Outside, a monumental volume of stone flies over the square and invites us to garrison inside. Inside, floating glass bodies, the slackness of space and its transparency transmit excellence and serenity. The magnificent atrium that runs through the 20-meter high building symbolizes the common space of coexistence of our society and suggests a feeling of respect and fullness.