Prague Congress Center extension
New exhibition hall for Prague Congress Center, Czech Republic

Organizer: Ccea Moba
Competition jury: Elia Zenghelis, Petr Hlaváček, Ivan Kroupa, Mathias Müller, Adriana Krnáčová (Prague mayor), Radim Haluza (board chair), Roman Ray Straub (CEO).
Client: Kongresové Centrum Praha / Prague Congress Centre
Typology: Public building / Congress centre / Urban space
Size: 24.000m2: / 10.000m2 building area + 14.000m2 public space
Budget: 20.000.000 €
Status: competition 1st prize / project under development

Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida, Marc Subirana

Local partner, co-architect CMC architects:
David Chisholm, Vít Máslo, Martina Chisholm, Miroslav Peterka

Technical team
Nemek Polak, Atelier DUA, AMPeng, Fure, Questima

photographic visualizations by Play-Time

We imagine the new KCP as a sustainable landmark floating above a new urban park. The public spaces and new amenities below will attract and draw together the centre’s visitors and the citizens of Prague creating a symbiotic dialogue. The building is composed of a single unitary volume which confidently organizes the open space flowing freely underneath. The small built footprint creates an incredible setting under the reflective underbody where urbanity and unexpected activities blossom. 

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