Nova seu de la Delegació del Govern de la Generalitat de catalunya a la Catalunya Central

Competition for the design of a new gouvernmental building of the Catalan government in central Catalonia, in the city of Manresa

Organizer: Infraestructures de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Typology: Govermental building
Size: 7.000m2
Budget: 20m€
Status: Open competition
Author: OCA architects, MIPMARI
OCA team: Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida
Collaborators. Societat Orgànica

The building revolves around two courtyards located in the center of the city block. The old walls, originally conceived as median walls, are now becoming the protagonists, new openings are being made, and their texture is emerging. The entire program is organized around these two gaps, grouped according to criteria of functionality and needs of comfort.
We work on the existing buildings with the utmost respect for the original building systems and finishings. Getting rid of false artefacts leaving the essence of the materials, their textures and their porosity. The aim is to clear the superfluous stories to return to the original state of the spaces and to value those interventions that deserve to be preserved.
New constructions are based on criteria of sustainability and contrast, a mixed construction system, with a metal structure and wooden horizontal / vertical enclosures, is provided, which gives a lightweight feel to the mass perception of existing buildings, finding in harmony the contrast of one and the other.