New health sciences faculty for the Alicante university

Nuevas alas / New wings competition proposal for the conversion and extension of the existing university college residence into a new faculty.

Organizer: Rectorado de la universidad de Alicante
Typology: University faculty
Size: 12.700m2
Budget: 15m€
Status: Open competition
Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida
photographic visualizations by OCA team

The new faculty of health sciences is located in the old building of the main school in the campus of the University of Alicante. The new project formalizes the most rational solution reducing to the bare minimum circulation areas. The new building is typologically and formally adapted to the existing one, achieving a natural articulation and fluidity between the volumes. The decission to combine internal circulations while maintaining a single entrance to the building, proposes to think about the project not only in terms of construction work of a new wing, but as a total transformation of the location so that it becomes a space of reference within the campus. This strategy is based on a commitment not only architectural, but also philosophical, to try to recover the disused structures and incorporate them into daily use. We believe that we should not reject the union with the existing elements, but understand their idiosyncrasy and incorporate them into our projects, adapting and improving them to create new everyday spaces. A commitment of the university, with the city and, ultimately, with sustainability and ecology. We believe it is crucial to take care and try to give new wings to what we already have.

Publications of the proposal: Publications by client or organizerOfficial tender results; Repositorio UA