Centro Sportivo a Stabio
Palestra Arata
Finalist proposal for the international open competition to design a new Sports Centre in Stabio, Switzerland.
Concorso progettazione nuovo Centro Sportivo a Stabio, Svizzera.
Organizer: Comune di Stabio, Cancelleria Comunale 
ology: Public facility / Sports centre
Size: 6.500m2 built / 4,5ha landscape and sports grounds

Budget: 20m€
Author: OCA architects, Ilaria Egidi

OCA team: Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida, Miquel Perez, Harris Vamvakas, Carola Garione
Technical consultants: Sustainability by Societat Orgánica, structural design by M103 ingenieros
Photographic visualizations by OCA team

A place suspended between large and free spaces of nature and urbanized anthropic realities. In this unique context, since ancient times, people have left footprints in the soil, working and plowing the land to obtain essential products for their livelihood. The urban planning proposal for the new sports center is inspired by these fields; it re-proposes its orientation and texture, creating a new context suspended between the urban and the agricultural. A building that designs a new part of the city, usable and connected but which like a seed blossoms from the earth, creating new spatial opportunities.
The building has a solid structure rooted in the ground but at the same time light and flexible like the nature that inspires it. The rigid base develops and supports a cover with a light and floating appearance. The entire building is designed as a sinuous and delicate but solid, concrete element. The new plowed gym becomes iconic but not overpowering.


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