Urbanización del entorno de la Plaza de Toros de Alcázar de San Juan

Competition for the urbanization of the area around the Bullring of Alcázar de San Juan

Organizer: City council of Alcazar de San Juan
Typology: Public space
Size: 16.000m2

Budget: 2m€
Status: Open competition

Aurhor: OCA architects, Oscar Berbel
OCA team: Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida; Miquel Perez, Carola Garione, Giulia Cannistraci, Harris Vamvakas

photographic visualizations by OCA team

The space of the Plaza de Toros de Alcázar de San Juan recovers its character of great centrality, absorbing the energy of the Alces Park and engaging with the urban structure of the city.
An interpretation of the urban environment of the population draws a series of confluence lines of different networks such as agricultural traces, roadways, railways, old paths, urban sprawl, installation networks… All this converges towards the center of Alcazar de San Juan, manifesting the central and vibrant character of this population and imagining its influence on the territory on a regional scale. This interpretation allows us to make an approach from a macro scale towards an integral design in one of the nodes of connection with the most important landscape of Alcazar de San Juan, Alces Park and the adjacent plot of the Plaza de Toros.
These energy lines, end up accommodating and configuring the traces that finally become part of the physical footprint of the city, in the form of plot configuration, the geometry of streets, urban spaces and squares. It is the will of the design for the project to improve the urbanization of the bullring of Alcázar de San Juan, manifest these lines and turn them into the backbone of the proposal.

Publications within news outlets: Manchamedia; Cadena SER

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