International open competition for the Vilnius Railway Station Complex, Central Station Square and Public Transport Terminal

Organizer: City of Vilnius, Lithuanian Railways, Ministry of Infrastructure
ology: Infrastructure and urban space
Size: Metropolitan area

Status: Competition proposal
Competition development: OCA Architects + CMC architects

OCA team: Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida, Marcin Szelejak, Rocío Siesto, Miquel Pérez

Photographic visualizations by PRAGUE BASED and OCA team

Modern travel is about movement energies, about passing moments in time and space, where people have fleeting, exciting and often inspiring moments of interaction. The 21st Century ‘HUB’ should be the fantastic experience, connecting us to our humanity and its advanced state of sophistication. Architectures of inspiration have transformed places, cities and cultures for many centuries. Our period of history is often characterized by the immediacy of other places and other cultures, where the travel of thousands, millions of people in cycles of movement occurs every single day of every year. A beautiful architecture is, experientially, a moment of pride and inspiration for us all as the modern people. An ICONIC VILNIUS CENTRAL RAILWAY STATION will excite the world to engage not only with the city, but the Lithuanian culture and the Baltic countries, Zipping Europe as a central node.

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