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Relevant projects have a dedicated web entry which can be accessed from our main page or following the link provided within the interactive map icons. OCA architects / OCA Arquitectos Barcelona, scp. takes pride in being active across the continent by taking part in architectural competitions throughout it.

Projects chronological list

Works developed individually by OCA ArchitectsOCA Arquitectos Barcelona, scp. or in collaboration with other offices and designers.

 Post-Suburbia urbanism book illustrations, comission from book coordinator Zaida Muxí. – Pladur casa coimbra, Coimbra, open competition. 2014 – Cover for Isabela Hendrix Institute, Rio de Janeiro, open competition with Eder Mesquita.  Thalasoterapy center, Tenerife, open competition. – Pladur ephimeral pavilion, open competition, with Eder Mesquita. – Cabins in the forest, Italy, competition with Noura Mroueh. 2015 Mies pavilion instalation, Barcelona, open competition with Nil Corominas. – Fado museum, Oporto, open competition. Columnas cristalizadas, Barcelona, open competition with Irene Gascón. – Design our Ryde, open competition, with Irene Gascón. – Site visitor center, Portugal, open competition. – Walden hostel, Amsterdam, open competition. – Artisan center, Venice, open competition.  – Neu morta ephimeral intervention, comission, group work with ETSAB team. 2016 – House in Zaidin140k€ construction budget, comission.  – House in Alcampell, 60k€ construction budget, comission. New KCP round I, 10m€ construction budget, open competition with Marc Subirana, Biel Susanna and Joaquim Sellas. – ETSAEC Escuela Tecnica Superior Arquitectura y Edificación Cartagena, open competition with Marc Subirana. – La Rosaleda Mall refurbishment, Málaga, comission. – Eldery care house, Mallorca, open competition. – Caixes ephimeral intervntion, comission with Joan Lluc Pinya. – Ombres ephimeral intervention, comission, with Joan Lluc Pina, Irene Gascón, Octavi Rofes. 2017 – New KCP round II10m€ construction budget, invited into 2nd round with Marc Subirana and Biel Susana. New Centre of Borovets, 20m€ construction budget, open competition, with Lluis Bellera. – New School Losbates, 3m€ construction budget, open competition, with Lluis Bellera.  Cover for a square, Lanzarote, open competition with Noura Mroueh. 2018  Cordova museum, 1m€ construction budget, invited competition. – Smichov School, 6m€ construction budget, open competition. – Juzgados Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura, 19m€ construction budget, open competition. – Mercado de abastos de Ávila, 2,5m€ construction budget, open competition.  Ispilu Magikoa cubrición plaza cardenal orbe, 300k€ construction budget, open competition. – Trojska school competition, 2m€ construction budget, open competition, with Joan Lluc Pina. – 
New Zizkov centre round I residential development competition, open competition, with CMC architects and MIAS architects. – New Zizkov centre round II residential development competition, 100m€ construction budget, invited into 2nd phase, with CMC architects and MIAS architects. 2019Arboretum residential development competition, 60m€ construction budget, invited competition, with CMC architects.  Penta Zizkov residential development competition, 100m€ construction budget, open competition, with CMC architects and MIAS architects. – Barbastro new headquarters for UNED, 1m€ construction budget, open competition. – Helsinki national museum extension, 50m€ construction budget, open competition. – Memento mori ephimeral intervention, 3k€ total budget, open competition. – Vilnius national concert hall competition, 50m€ construction budget, open competition. – Black fields security centre, 20m€ construction budget, open competition. – Ujezd court residential development competition, 10m€ construction budget, invited competition, with CMC architects. – Suzhou masterplan, 100m€ construction budget, invited competition, with CMC architects. – Black fields cyber security agency competition, 30m€ construction budget, open international competition. – Facultad de ciencias UA university building competition, 15m€ construction budget, open competition. – Mercado Villanueva de la Serena fresh good market renovation, 2m€ construction budget, open competition. – Nova seu de la Generalitat a Manresa governmental office building competition, 20m€ construction budget, open competition with MIPMARI arquitectura. – Escola nàutica a Sant Carles de la Ràpita sailing shool competition, 1m€ construction budget, open competition. – Plaza en Alcazar de San Juan public space design competition, 2m€ construction budget, open competition. – Castell Hostalric castle fortification renovation competition, 10m€ construction budget, open competition.


2015 – Temporary pavillion for Pladur. Competition finalist

2015 – Cabins in the forest. Competition finalist

2016 – Temporary pavillion for Pladur. Competition 1st prize

2016 – Neu morta, ephimeral intervention  with ETSAB team. FAD opinion award for ephimeral interventions

2016 – Ombres, ephimeral intervention with I. Gascón, O. Rofes and J. Pinya. Competition 1st prize

2017 – NEW KCP, Prague Congress Center extension. Competition 1st prize

2018 – Cubrición plaza Cardenal Orbe en Ermua. Competition 2nd prize

2019 – Zizkov residential development with CMC and MIAS. Competition 2nd phase selection

2019 – Uusi Kansallinen extension for the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki. Competition shortlisted

2019 – Ujezd Court residential development with CMC. Invited competition 1st prize

2020 – Cyprus University of Technology Tepak dormitories in Limassol. Competition Honorable Mention

2020 – Sports center in Switzerland. 2nd phase selection

2020 – NEW PCC selected as one of 25 projects shaping the future of Prague by CAMP