New center square for Zbraslav – Zbraslavské Náměstí
International open one-phase architectural – landscape design contest for a project
Organizer: CCEA MOBA
Typology: Public space
Size: 10.000m2

Budget: 1.3m€
Status: Open competition
Author: OCA architects
Team: Miquel Perez team lead, Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida, Harris V
Photographic visualizations by OCA team

We believe that the Central Square of Zbraslav should become a welcoming space. The cobblestone paving anchors the design to the square’s history softly flowing into the surrounding architecture. Variety and energy are introduced by the gentle arrangement of differently colored and textured stones, organically transitioning into different areas. Spaces for sitting, playgrounds, greenery and water fountains are completely integrated within the system. Stone, wood and earth are combined to create a feeling of homelike protection. Lastly, a red path leading smoothly towards the Hills…