New Žižkov Centre
Two phase international competition for the design of an urban new residential development in Zizkov Prague

Organizer: CCEA MOBA
Client: Central Group
Typology: Residential development with mixed use elements and kindergarden
Size: 160.000m2
Budget: 150.000.000 €

Bernardo Garcia, Hernan Lleida

in collaboration with MIAS&CMC architects
MIAS: Josep Mias, Marc Subirana / CMC: David Chisholm, Vit Máslo, Martina Chisholm

Atelier DUA

photographic visualizations by Visualarch

The organizer of the competitions was aiming to build the highest residential building in the Czech Republic. We propose a distinct and iconic project able to showcase the future of residential developments. Soft and respectful to the nearby Olsany Cementery, the project brings the green energy of the ancient forest massing and gently slops up into Prague’s skyline, transitioning, as it raises, into a thriving metropolitan landmark at the Olsanska and Jana Zelivskeho junction. The diagonal geometry inherited from the cemetery and the scattered profile of the towers create a shape that embrace the views of the old town and will bring value and help to shape the future of Žižkov. At its core, an exceptional courtyard garden, articulates the GARDEN SKYSCRAPERS and becomes a meeting point for the city and the park.

Publications by client or organizer: Central Group; Publications at news outlets: Prague Morning; Architects Journal; Expats cz

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