International competition for a design of a new center for Borovets
OCA architects: Bernardo Garcia and Hernan Lleida
Organizer: Urbanistas
Client: Sakomov municipality
Typology: Public building / Resort & entertainment
Size: 36.000m2
Budget: – 
with Lluis Bellera

Borovets as a tourist destination is increasing its popularity both on the Bulgarian and the international market, because of its perfect alpine scenario in the heart of Europe. To strengthen its competitiveness, we propose a transparent and permeable building which will intensely promote adventures and physical challenges, cultural and identity activities, health and physical well-being, as well as ecotourism.

We firmly believe that this new addition in Borovets must solve not only the existing discontinuities of the urban form but also will become an icon which will attract new tourism therefore activating the whole area. Its a reciprocal strategy: both Borovets and the building will and need to immensely benefit from each other.

The architecture surrounding the Golden triangle is nowadays a quite strange cocktail of styles. Our proposal assumes its serious responsibility by adopting a contemporary language. Its transparent and colorful façades expose the interior multipurpose spaces to its visitors and families. Nevertheless, it’s not only the exterior visibility but the cultural activities that will arise in it what will place the building in Borovets skyline.

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