Televisión Canaria interview at Prague


We are glad to share that OCA architects co-founder Bernardo García Morales gave an interview for local television network Televisión Canaria describing our work and projects.

CMC+MIAS+OCA Architects Barcelona team to present a proposal for  Zizkov international competition


The international team OCA is a part of has been awarded a pass into the second phase of the architecture competition that will decide the future design of the residential complex that will occupy the current location of Zizkov telecommunications tower.

OCA wishes you a happy 2019!


Ispilu Magikoa proposal, in Ermua, is awarded a 2nd price!


 The «Ispilu Magikoa», Magic mirror proposal advocats to intervene in the square with a large cover of contemporary character, mirrored wings that reflect the city of Ermua and the life of its citizens. 

Proposal for the new Courthouse building in Puerto del Rosario, Fuertaventura


A piece of monolithic rock extracted from the land becomes the new justice building for Puerto del Rosario. A solid and sober construction like its intended use.

Proposal for the renovation of Avila’s central market


The project revolves around the great central atrium covered by a new monumental roof permeable to the passage of natural light. Surrounding it, a crown of auxiliary uses open to the surrounding streets. The intervention helps to filter the internal relationship and links the project to its context. The functional program organizes in two clearly differentiated zones. The public access areas and the administration areas and internal storage. All accesses and movements are barrier-free and suitable for people with reduced mobility.

A soap bubble-like structure for the design of a new school in Smichov, Prague

18.03.2018 We imagine the new SMICHOV school as a modern and transparent infrastructure. Light and bright like a soap bubble, floating above the open ground floor which is kept accessible for  the local community. This approach allows the flow of its adjacent parks helping to create a bigger green. The school looks out at the world and the feeling of freedom permeates all its spaces creating the perfect stage for the growth of its young users.

Proposal for the Losbates school complex


We imagine the new LOSBATES school as a modern and bright infrastructure, built in local wood for a warm touch. Open and integrated with its community thanks to the small size of the independent pavilions that conform it. This approach allows the intermingling of nature and construction, a feeling of freedom permeates all the spaces creating the perfect stage for the growth and its young users. Its amenities open up to a new park which transitions into a splendid forest to the north.

Proposal for a sky resort in Borovets area in Bulgary


Borovets as a tourist destination is increasing its popularity both on the Bulgarian and the international market, because of its perfect alpine scenario in the heart of Europe. To strengthen its competitiveness, we propose a transparent and permeable building which will intensely promote adventures and physical challenges, cultural and identity activities, health and physical well-being, as well as ecotourism.


03.01.2018 – Oca Architects wishes you a happy new year 2018.


18.10.2017 – Ccba Moba edited. we are honored to be part of the history of Prague. 


12.09.2017 – OCA won the first prize for the new exhibition hall of the Prague Congress Center!!

It’s been an honour to be part of this 2 round cometition. This challenge has allowed us to take a leap forward in the quality of our work and create a project of which we are truly proud. We are specially happy with the evolution the project took after the first round. With the help of the jury’s comments we transformed a utopic project into a fully functional desin which we hope to start implementing soon. 

We worked on the proposal for each round with a very different mindset and the results speak for themselves. The first was a design to show and demonstrate the validity of a radical scheme and idea and the second a functional design for actual implementation.


05.09.17 – OCA starts construction works for the Casa en Zaidín project. The construction method will be based on a traditional concrete structure. The expected delivery date is 10 months from this moment.

05.09.17 – OCA empieza los trabajos de construcción del proyecto para una casa unifamiliar en Zaidín. La vivienda unifamiliar asilada se sitúa en el área de Huesca en la localidad de Zaidín, cercana a la ciudad de Fraga. El proyecto económico y tradicional ha sido diseñado para conseguir una rápida ejecución manteniendo el presupuesto bajo. El periodo de ejecución se ha fijado en 10 meses.


17.04.16 – Design our Ryde competition, with Irene Gascón

We believe that the new Ryde Hub precinct has to be a bold statement of what the city of Ryde has been and will become. To accomplish this we propose to keep the old Civic Centre building and to erect a new cell-shaped meeting point around it, a sustainable construction capable of becoming the new heart of Ryde.


For a young city like Ryde, which only dates back to the 19th century, to lose the old Civic Centre is to lose a very important part of its character and identity. Therefore we believe that it is of the utmost importance to keep it as a key part of the new Ryde Hub. What Ryde needs most is not a group of iconic brand new buildings but an innovative design capable of giving value to its history.


07.02.15 – Hernan Lleida was part of ETSAB team that created the Neu Morta project ephemeral intervention that made use of the incredible effect created by black light projected on white cotton cords. It was recognised with a FAD award the following year.

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